Rift-Sawn Lumber Table


Made from a scrap piece acquired by a master woodworker. 

Initially the wood was from a fallen old growth tree in Washington.

The burn marks from the saw blade are why this board was discarded.  I decided to work those into the aesthetic of the surface; preserving the gouges in the wood, and giving it a satin finish to display the grain.



Factory Floor Tables


Made from the floor of a retired canning factory in Brooklyn NY. 

12 tables comprised of 3''x12''x10' planks.  60 planks were milled, jointed, stained, and filled with black epoxy.  Then Mounted on steel legs each weighing 50 lbs provided by a metal fabricator.  

These tables reside in an ad agency in lower Manhattan.  Their purpose is to be work stations for the employees that provide a community feel.





small table.jpg




small table corner.jpg



small table vertical.png






large tables 3.jpg