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Editorial:  Client: HUSTLER MAGAZINE.  An article questioning the politics of admittance into the hall of fame that takes a look at the past 'Greats'.


I made this for a friend.

I made this for a friend.



Book: This is an homage to all those excellent covers done for The Golden Apples Of The Sun.  Those eerie and beautiful stories still haunt me no matter how many times I read them.


Process Collage: I've found it's easiest, and allows the most control to make an image in multiple pieces, then collage it in photoshop.  I adapted this process once I started working on covers to allow for multiple edits.
Editorial:  A piece inspired by an article from the Telegraph: Vladimir Putin: oil price decline has been engineered by political forces
Editorial:   Title assignment Debt For Life, adapting an existing cover for Bloomburg Business week for my portfolio.  I made this while considering capitalism and american idealism.  

Editorial:  Loudmouth a piece I concocted while considering verbal abuse, thinking out loud, and power tripping.
Editorial:  Pope Francis And His Gift For Balancing The Spiritual And The Political.  Amongst political controversy, Pope Francis manages to keep the Vatican looking humble, while still keeping his position. 


Book:  The Call Of The Wild by Jack London.  I decided to focus more on Buck's internal struggle for the cover of this book, rather than the emblematic struggle between him and Spitz.  This is my all time favorite book, I was so glad to adapt it for my portfolio.   FYI - translated into over 70 languages.   
sony hack
Editorial:  Sony Hack  I was inspired to make this piece in quiet protest of the tragic censorship that followed the release of Sony Pictures The Interview, due to terrorist threats still denied to have come from North Korea.  Apparently Kim Jong-un truly is the most powerful movie critic in the world.
Editorial:  Charlie Hebdo Another piece inspired by tragic news.  The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was targeted by terrorists for satirizing Mohammed.  Another example of the power of information and imagery, and what a threat it is can be to those trying to keep a grip on power.


Book:  Plato's The Symposium  A drinking party where eight philosophers all give there input on love in all aspects of life, what it means, how it inspires, where it comes from.  Using the heart imagery in a goblet would have been possibly more suitable, but once I discovered how similar a heart looked to a steak on a plate...well...I couldn't resist.

Book:  The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat Short story by the neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks.  A story about a man who cannot associate the name's of object with its function, or his wife's head.